4* Hotel Planning and Listed Building Consent Approved!

Alexander “Greek” Thomson’s Bicentenary could well have sown the seeds of a signal success; the preservation and return to commerical sustainability of the world-renowned architectural masterpiece that is The Egyptian Halls. And when this comes to fruition it would indeed also be both a fitting and wonderful tribute to probably Thomson’s greatest supporter the late Dr Gavin Stamp who championed this objective for the past 20 years!Click for more info on Mackintosh-Thomson MewsTherefore we must all focus on achieving a solution, which could become a centerpiece to allow Glasgow to leverage its world-renowned architecturally biased cultural assets. This is currently is being assessed as either Preservation centric or Façade Retention with either a fusion of Hotel/Office/Residential/ Restaurant end uses.

In October 2017 GCC and HES and the Scottish Government were presented with a comprehensive discussion document presenting SIX separate costed scheme options and both have now commented to that Option 6.
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Subject to scaling and massing revisions this could have the potential traction for securing funding, planning and Listed Building Consent.
And surely this also is the personification of what the City Plan was
created to deliver!

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Please also read this July 2010 quote from GCC’s Bailie Cameron’s to then and still Culture Minister Hyslop “As you may know the Council has been working with USP Properties, the owners of the magnificent grade A listed Egyptian Halls building in Union Street Glasgow for many years and the developer has committed very significant expenditure on bringing the building into a single ownership, on preparing a range of technical and conservation studies, and in completing both option and development appraisals for a variety of potential end uses.” 

Given the Upper Floors have now been vacant for now 38 years! Its crystal clear that this is a legacy issue further challenged by the unintended consequences of a minor CPO Amendment 20 years ago that now requires effective collaboration from all stakeholders to reconcile. Who can slice this Gordian Knot to ensure the Egyptian Halls Project can be delivered at the least cost to the public purse meanwhile delivering a fair commercial return to the co-owners for their now 20-year investment.

For and on behalf of EHBPT, USP, USI DEREK SOUTER - Director 

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